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Some Main Tools for Car Maintenance

There are some basic car maintenance tasks you can do by yourself. You only have to render yourself with some main tools. With one of these tools, you should not call a road service for a simple maintenance task such as fixing tire or replacing the fluids. It will be able to help you save money in a long run.

Jack, Wrench and Tire Iron

You have to always remember to keep the vehicle jack, wrench, and tire iron while on the go. It will be very beneficial if you get flat tire. Place the jack under the car towards the flat tire for lifting the vehicle up so that you can easily eliminate the tire. Wrench will help you remove wheel lugs Mobile toolbox or bolt while the tire iron can help you secure the wheel lugs back to the spare tire while on the wheel. In addition, wrench is advantageous to remove oil container bolt. You will use it in case you perform oil change.

Launch for Fluids

Launch will help you perform the maintenance task such as replacing fluids like transmission fluid, oil, and brake fluid. This is one of the most important parts of car maintenance. With this tool, you will be able to avoid the some spillage while replenishing the fluid supplies.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauge will help you keep air in the tire at the appropriate level. Driving the vehicle with low pressure air will reduce the efficiency of the fuel since under-inflated tire can make the engine work harder. Later, it can affect the steering. Therefore, before driving, you have to make sure that the tire pressure are at the appropriate level. To measure the tire pressure, you only have to install it over the nozzle of your tire. This tool shows you the reading on the tire pressure through the small rods which looks like a thermometer.

Battery Charger and Air Machine

Car battery charger is effective in case you are running out of the power since you accidentally leave the lights on. To unravel your complaint, you only have to attach the handles of charger to the according red and black connections and then switch the device on to charge it. Instead, you can also get the jumper cables and connect the handles to another car. In addition, you can also have an air machine for replenishing the squashed tire.

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