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Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister – A Review

David Hoffmeister and A Course In Miracles are an amazing podcast that touches on all sorts of subjects that have to do with faith. It’s not a course acim podcast in mysticism or anything, it’s simply a series of insightful conversations that take you step by step closer to understanding the secrets of the Christian faith. In this particular podcast, David discusses his new book, God’s Call, and the keys to developing an all-encompassing faith. You’ll also discover how you can use your faith to bring more abundance into your life.

What’s so great about this course in miracles is that it isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of set-up. Each week David takes us a step closer to understanding the secrets to living a successful life, and also how you can apply that same faith in other areas of your life. By the end of the six podcasts, you’ll be enriched with a deeper understanding of the true nature of the spiritual path and life.

Part one of the course in Miracles covers the basics of Biblical Christianity, particularly the messianic age and the mysterious “revelations”. In particular, David will share what he calls the “red revelation”, which holds a key to understanding why Jesus became the Way man. This will open up a can of worms that will ultimately teach you many things about the Christian faith, and life in general.

The course in Miracles is jam packed with practical and helpful information. David will share his personal experience with healing using the Cross and the power of prayer. He’ll also share how he healed his mother with the laying on of hands, as well as the process of delivering a sermon at a funeral. If you need to know the answer to a prayer, or just want to know if you’re going to heaven, then listen to this course. You’ll never again wonder if that money you’ve set aside for your tithe is really going to go straight to your tithing budget.

When you complete the course in Miracles, you’ll receive a Certificate of Healing and be prepared to undertake your own private therapy. You’ll learn the exact wording for a prayer and exactly how to say them. This is a powerful and secret way to quickly communicate profound life transforming messages to the people in your life. You’ll have a personal connection to the Lord and be able to draw upon His presence at any time you choose.

As an added bonus, David Hoffmeister offers a full money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this course, you can receive your full refundable deposit back. I encourage you to learn more about the course in Miracles and live a life of continuous spiritual healing.

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