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There are loads of great Spanish reading resources online from novels and short stories to blogs and news articles. This article boronia some of the best online Spanish reading websites and how you can use them to your advantage.

No matter what level of Spanish we are able to communicate at, our primary goal of reading Spanish is to expand our vocabulary and also to understand the written structures used, so we can identify them in other writing and incorporate them into our own Spanish writing. Therefore it is highly beneficial to make a note of any phrases and structures you haven’t come across previously, especially any useful phrases you could potentially use to improve your own Spanish writing. These phrases would probably include the presentation of opinions for example and I would recommend making a list of these and to keep coming back to them to practice.

In terms of vocabulary it is always useful to have a Spanish dictionary online open whilst reading Spanish. Spanish Dict, for example, is fantastic because it also shows you synonyms of your translated word – this means you can really expand your vocab quickly by learning a range of words with similar meaning. This makes your own speaking and writing a lot more varied and interesting as well as improving your chances of understanding when listening to Spanish. Again make sure you are going over the new words you learn, for instance by making your own flashcards online.

In terms of what to actually read there is a wealth of fiction and non-fiction to choose from. If you wish to read whole books about a specific theme or Spanish novels then Que de Libros is a brilliant website – it provides a huge range of books to download in a variety of different categories so you should be able to find what you’re looking for. If you did have a specific book in mind however it might be worth searching for a download on Make sure you follow the advice above whilst reading any book so you’re making the most out of the hours you put in.

I would also recommend reading the Spanish news – these articles are a lot shorter and the language and structures used generally a lot easier. If you are not planning to actually write stories or novels in Spanish I would recommend concentrating on reading the Spanish news or blogs. This means you can read around a wide range of subjects whilst knowing the language used is appropriate to what is happening in everyday life. The sites I would most recommend would be El Pais, El Mundo and for listening RTVE offers a fantastic range of material.

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