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Silk Flowers Last

Silk flowers are just about my speed. I wish that I could say I knew how to keep things alive, but I don’t. In fact, I came home from work the other day and my poor neighbor had taken it upon herself to clean up my yard. silk road economic belt countriesonly did she pick up all my kids toys that were all over and their Capri sun wrappers and candy wrappers. She cleaned up my potting vases that I have on my porch and she replaced them with some strands of green ivy. The best part is that she used fake ivy! Score I thought, this is something I will not be able to kill! It looks so much better I have decided to keep them out all year round. Right now the world is so beautiful with the leaves all changing colors. I took my mom and grandma on a ride through the canyon and we found a beautiful tree that was close to the road. We stopped and we each picked us some leaves to take home. I came home and put them in amongst my pots that sit on the front porch. They look beautiful and make fall seem that much closer.

This is just one example of silk flowers that I have around. I know that a lot of people prefer their wedding bouquet to be made from real flowers. However does that make sense? I know that you can hang it upside down and dry the flowers and keep it. But what happens when your kids come home from school and throw their backpack on the table and crush them. I guess you can spin it positively and say they just made you some potpourri. I was married over 17 years ago and my bouquet still looks as beautiful as it did the day I got married. About once a year, I will go and buy that silk flower cleaner and spray it up till it shines, but the upkeep is so easy on silk flowers there is nothing that a little feather duster can not fix.

You should search out the word and see how many ideas it comes up with for flowers. I add them to my daughter’s hair. I line a boring t shirt that I buy at the store for $3 and sew on about 4 flowers and people stop me all the time and ask where I bought that from.

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