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Just Another Hoodia Pill?

Hoodia Prime hit the markets recently as one of the many brands of hoodia-grade weight supplements. It is manufactured and sold online by Nature’s Biology which claims that they only use 100% hoodia extract in making Hoodia Prime.

Hoodia is a cactus plant that is found in the wilderness of South Africa. Known for its unique property of sending messages to the brain that the body is full, hoodia has been used by many tribesmen in Africa to suppress their hunger and thirst during their long hunting trips. In recent years, hoodia has been lauded on many television news and magazine programs as the most effective weight loss ingredient that has helped millions of men and women loss weight. The efficacy of hoodia has been validated in many studies.

Can Hoodia Prime Deliver?

Because of the variety of hoodia based pills in the market, most product manufacturers flaunt the certifications they receive for their products in order to convince consumers that they are using authentic hoodia for their products. The CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certification is one of the most reliable certificates that a hoodia based product can be proud of, because it certifies the authenticity of the hoodia that is used to manufacture the product.

This is also true of Hoodia Prime, which displays its CITES certificate on its official website. However, the one that they have posted is a 2-year old certificate, which can make any consumer wonder if the company has maintained the product authenticity for the past 2 years.

Aside from the issue of the outdated certificate, one also wonders why the company manufacturing Hoodia Prime is offering too much of a discount to consumers (a staggering 30%!). Hoodia, being a rare ingredient is quite expensive. Considering that Hoodia Prime supposedly has 1200 mg of 100% hoodia gordonii per serving, one wonders if the company is even making any money! It looks like the product is almost a give-away at the low price it is selling for!


The Hoodia Prime website has too many warnings on other hoodia products, reminding consumers to only choose the best hoodia pill by checking its authenticity and how much hoodia is in each pill. However, the outdated certificates on its website, plus the fact that the price of this product is too low compared with other authentic hoodia pills in the market can make one wonder whether this is the real deal.

When there are too many products to choose from, a wise consumer would gather enough information about these products and make comparisons. If you are interested in trying hoodia weight supplements, do not take the claims of these products upfront. Instead, do your own research in order to make a smart choice.

Here is one hoodia product that you can check out – UniqueHoodia. There is enough information on their product site that can explain why this is a better hoodia alternative than others in the market today. UniqueHoodia uses hoodia powder that is extracted from hoodia gordonii plants which are raised in certified farms in South Africa. They also provide one of the longest 100% money back guarantees (6 months) in the market today.

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