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Hair Regrowth For Women – Best Solutions to Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is fairly FoliCall in men but less prevalent in women. Nevertheless, women can also suffer from thinning hair. A number of factors can cause hair loss in women, including age, genetics, illness, stress, pregnancy and childbirth. Nobody wants to grow bald, least of all women. To stop hair loss, you have to find the most effective hair regrowth for women as early as possible.

Female pattern baldness usually does not lead to receding hairline or baldness, but it does cause hair thinning. Genes have a lot to do with this condition. It may be inevitable, but at least you can still do something about it.

The best hair regrowth product for women must not only prevent further loss but must also promote the growth of healthy hair. Female pattern baldness is caused by a build up of the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT around the follicle. The follicle eventually weakens and the hair shaft falls off. Permanent damage to the follicle will prevent it from growing normal hair. The new hair that grows will be finer and shorter. In more severe cases, no new growth will take place.

Pregnancy, childbirth or menopause can cause a hormonal imbalance wherein the female body cannot produce sufficient estrogen to block the production of testosterone. Testosterone is converted to DHT which is responsible for female pattern baldness.

Provillus is used to treat hair loss in women suffering from female pattern baldness. It contains Minoxidil, an effective medication for hair loss. Provillus capsules also contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural herbs that block the production of DHT. Regular use of the Provillus topical solution and health supplement will nourish hair follicles and give you healthy, beautiful hair.

Because hair loss in women can be the result of a myriad of reasons, it is best to consult a physician to identify the specific cause of the problem. It can be caused by a medical condition such as illness, nutritional deficiency or hormone imbalance. By treating the ailment, you may experience significant hair growth.

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables plus regular exercise will help improve your health and prevent hair loss and maximize hair growth. Women who prefer natural hair regrowth treatments can use herbs and herbal supplements with properties known to promote hair growth. Aloe, horsetail, rosemary, nettle, chamomile and licorice are among the herbs known to improve the quality of hair.

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