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Truck Bed Liner Spray – Easy Steps!

Truck bed liner spray can be done professionally. You can probably find a franchise of Rhino Linings or Line-X in your area. These are premium truck bed liners with a nationwide warranty and great looks and durability.

But can you apply truck bed liner spray yourself? The answer is yes. Several companies will furnish you with modern polyurethane finishes so you can apply your own finish. The finish you can apply can match the looks of the professionally applied finish. And the durability may be good enough for your application. And you may save hundreds of dollars.

Here are the materials for truck bed liner spray application.

  1. You’ll need bed liner coating, about 1 1/4 gallons covers an 8 foot bed. Be aware that a professional spray on bed liner may use up to 5 gallons. So the more the better.
  2. Spray equipment spray on bedliner the nozzle size and type recommended by the coating maker.
  3. One quart of acetone or xylene for degreasing. Plus protective gloves. And only use this stuff in a well ventilated area.
  4. Masking tape and paper. Masking well when spraying is very important. These materials are hard to remove so mask everything you don’t want painted.
  5. Abrasive pad or sandpaper to scuff paint surface.
  6. Stirrer or paint mixing attachment for your drill.
  7. Correct respirator.
    The steps for truck bed liner spray are as follows.
  8. Remove the tailgate.
  9. Remove any bolts, or hardware that won’t be coated. Pay particular attention to hinges and locks.
  10. Surface preparation is critical to the success of any painting operation and this is no exception. If possible, wash the bed with high pressure washer, rinse and allow to dry.
  11. Go over the bed with solvents to remove wax and grease. Do this before sanding. Otherwise the sanding will spread the wax all over the place.
  12. Sand the entire area to be coated. You’re trying to scuff the surface and remove all gloss. Use a fairly coarse abrasive pad or sandpaper.
  13. Sweep out the sanding residue then wash the bed again.
  14. Go over the bed with solvents again.
  15. Now mask the truck to prevent overspray.
  16. Start spraying on the vertical surfaces at the front and sides. Work your way back. It will take some experimentation to get the pressure and texture just right.
  17. After waiting the proper time, spray a second coat if desired. Then repeat as many times as you choose.
  18. Remove masking and allow to cure.
    With the right equipment and materials, you can apply truck bed liner spray yourself and improve the looks and value of your truck.
    Are you ready to put a bed liner in your truck? I know you have a lot of choices.

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