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Which lubricant do I use?

Lubricants reduce friction, help to increase sensitivity, and provide a simple solution to female dryness. There’s so many to pick from out there and it’s a hard decision. Well the answer somewhat depends on what you are using it on.

You will want to use a water-based and glycerin free lubricant when having vaginal sex. The water-based is for easy clean up, stainless, odorless and good to use with condoms. Water based lubricants are also good with all sex toys and need a few drops of water or saliva to reactivate them since natural evaporation occurs. The glycerin free (a form of sugar that can cause yeast infections) is so that your female partner won’t get an infection. You see, glycerin can cause yeast infections so if it gets into your female partner’s vagina then she could get a yeast infection.

Лубриканты на водной основе are Thicker for no-mess, no-drip version of liquid lubes. They can be reactivated, just like water based lubes, with a few drops of water or saliva. The thick viscosity of gel lubricants provide consistent coverage. Gel lubes are good for all sexual activities and particularly recommended for anal and toy use.

Silicone based lubricants stay wet and slippery the longest, never drying out even when immersed in water. This makes silicone lubes perfect for pool, tub and water play. Remember though, that silicone lubes can damage silicone toys and the synthetic “real feeling” toys. They are also particularly recommended for anal and non-silicone toy use. Silicone lubricant is not good for use with a Silicone toy because the 2 heat up and the toy melts. Silicon based lubricant is extremely slippery so clean up spills immediately in the tub or shower to avoid slipping. Also they may stain clothes and sheets.

Petroleum based lubricants are not good to use on latex toys or during intercourse because it will damage latex condoms rendering them ineffective and cause holes and tears in condoms and diaphragms.

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